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                                  "Three Promises"

FLM strives to fulfill three basic promises with each and every client.  They are as follows:

We promise to Educate with honesty and integrity - Many advisors want clients to be left in
the dark. They can’t or won’t explain financial products or concepts. They annoy clients with
financial industry lingo.  We realize that clients want their own financial tutor who can speak
plain English.  By understanding concepts set forth by the Advisor, clients feel a sense of
growth and empowerment.  We are proactive by equipping our clients with the tools to make
knowledgeable and wise financial decisions.  We want our clients to know what’s going on at
all times and understand our philosophy on Financial Life Management.  We are committed
to provide financial seminars for our clients and their family, as well as our community.

We promise to be your Financial Tour Guide - We use our financial expertise and indepth
knowledge of our client to develop an individualized financial plan. Financial goals are based
on the unique values, priorities, and circumstances of each client.  We  advise clients about
viable options and motivate them to take action and make decisions.  Our goal is to be your
trusted counselor.  Think of us your personal CFO. We are there to lead, motivate, affirm,
and hold accountable.  We want our clients to win the game called life.

We promise to be a Life Partner - Clients want advisors that understand them, their goals,
and their dreams.  They are not “John and Jane Doe” with money to investment. We strive to
connect with our clients whole heartedly, by knowing who they are and where they’ve been
and where they want to go.  As a partner, we walk alongside our clients as they pursue their
life goals.  We communicate to our clients our ability and willingness to stand by them
through the financial implications of all the ups and downs of life. We are like a co-pilot
sharing in the life journey of our clients for many years into the future.

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