Financial Legacy Management   
Financial Planning, Portfolio Management,
Retirement Plan Management
                         Our Competitive Advantage

Financial Legacy Management (FLM) is a fee-only financial planning and portfolio
management firm dedicated to helping our clients reach their financial goals in the most
efficient manner possible. We do this by looking at the client’s entire financial situation at
once. Your different financial advisors: CPA, lawyer, insurance agent, and stock brokers,
look at individual pieces of your financial situation. Financial Legacy Management looks at
your entire financial picture. We have knowledge of all aspects of your finances. We will look
to make sure that all of the pieces are working together in the most efficient manner possible.

Financial Legacy Management will help to simplify your financial life. The process is built
around a partnership between us and the client. Since we do not sell any products, our
success is ultimately tied to your success. We are confident that our clients will become our
best advertising.
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